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Just Some of the Brands We've DesignedAre You Ready for Yours?

We love designing great logos, but it can also be one of the most challenging client projects. After all, your brand is your baby and it’s your passion. Watching someone else bring it to life or rebranding it visually is like letting someone else name, dress and style your child. Yeah, absorb that imagery for just a second – how patient do you think you’d be? Well, we’re excited about the prospect. At sgr marketing, we’re very familiar with this process and we know how to make it fun and rewarding. We’ve mapped out an efficient process that provides clarity for both us and our clients. The result is a compelling and custom brand identity at an affordable rate. However, we need your help. Before sgr marketing invests any time on your brand identity, we’ll ask you to participate in the creative process. Don’t worry, this will be fun. Now let’s get started:


12 Steps to Brilliant Logo Design on a Budget


Step 1: Brand Name

You need to have already cleared any trademark/copyright issues on your brand name or any imagery you’d like us to work on. Keep your brand name limited to just what you expect to be able to read by the time it appears on a business card. You should not include taglines. We also encourage separation of service/product identification. For example “Thomson Refrigeration and HVAC Repair Services.” Opt for “Thomson Repair” and add the tagline “Refrigeration and HVA Repair You Can Count On” or something like that. The tagline is not part of your logo graphic and is not included in our standard branding package. All variations to this process and changes will result in additional charges.

  Step 2: Rough Sketches & Ideas

Don't be shy with your rough sketches.  You’ve got something in your head you’d like to see. Maybe it’s a little rough, but that’s okay – we can still use it. Of course, while we’re the experts in branding, we’ll be able to use any of your ideas to flush out a creative direction that meets best practice guidelines as well as brings your vision to life. The ensuing steps will help you determine whether that vision will fit within the constraints of best practice guidelines or not. It’s true – we’ve done logos that the client demanded, despite our recommendations. It’s okay – we know you’re passionate about your brand. We’ll advise you as best we can. But, in the end, this is a project that is personal to you…we know that.

  Step 3: Color Palette

We’ve designed logos that span the full spectrum, so we’ll not likely be uncomfortable with whatever color palette you recommend. But, yes, you need to determine the color palette we’ll be designing from. Color is personal, so we’re hoping that you’ve already got some in mind. Most logos are divided into two parts – the logo graphic and the logo type. Please limit the logo type to one color, if you can. The logo graphic can have as many as you want, but be advised of the limitations that exist with finished work like embroidered shirts, printed boxes, fax transmittal sheets, etc.

  Step 4: Logo Graphic

The logo graphic is simply the graphic portion of the logo.  It is possible for the entire logo to be type (Coca Cola logo above). If done well, this logo type becomes the logo graphic as well - it's unique and identifiable. We’ll first want to determine how you envision your logo based on the four types of logo graphics above.  There’s no right or wrong way.  If anything, most memorable logo brands are simple.  There are many ways to approach a solution – again, this is based on your preference. In order to keep the budget in line with your expectations, you need to select one of these styles. Additional costs will be incurred if you’d like to see logos developed in additional styles. If you don’t have a preference, our design team will select one for you. 

  Step 5: Logo Type

If your logo graphic does not have your brand name, we’ll need to develop logo type.  Some logos are recognizable by their logo graphic alone (e.g. the Nike "swoosh"), but it's usually as a result of decades of flexing their massive marketing muscle.  For most brands, it will take time and logo type.  Together, the two elements visually define your brand.  Over time, the attributes of the logo type can also represent the brand as a stand alone element (e.g. adidas logo above).  Let us know if you have a specific typeface you would like to use…or a style type that provides some direction for what you’d like to see (serif vs. sans serif fonts, thin vs. thick, lower case vs. all uppercase, etc.). You can also get some typeface ideas on sites like www.1001freefonts.com or www.google.com/fonts . If you plan on using a typeface where a license must be purchased in order to use, additional costs may be incurred.

  Step 6: Orientation

It’s easy to move your logo type and logo graphic around to suit the purpose you have in mind. The need to define orientation has more to do with the balance between the two. How dominant is the graphic over the type, or the type over the graphic? Do you imagine the graphic element woven into the logo type itself (e.g. Shell or Nike)? Is the graphic to the left, top and left, top and right, below and centered, etc.? If you have pre-conceived ideas about how your logo type and graphic should appear together, we should be made aware of that. Otherwise, the sgr marketing design team will use it’s talent to make it look just right.

  Step 7: Rendering

It’s starting to come together in your head, right? This is where the creative process can get very complex. Why? Because rendering takes the bulk of the design process and project costs. If you go in the wrong direction, it could cost hours upon hours of wasted time. To keep the project costs in line with your expectations, you’ll need to pick one of the rendering approaches above or be prepared to fund additional hours for design. There’s no right or wrong approach here. However, as the case with color choice, be advised of the limitations that exist with finished work like embroidered shirts, printed boxes, fax transmittal sheets, etc. Only a Flat Design would remain consistent if you had it embroidered on a shirt. Think through how your logo will need to be reproduced. Additional costs will be incurred for variations (RGB, CMYK, gray scale, line art, spot color, vector, and transparent background). Please ask us to review all these variations so that you can properly budget for the project, having already identified how you’ll reproduce it.

  Step 8: SGR First Rough Draft

The first rough draft is the culmination of these first 7 steps. It’s usually a rough representation of about 6 directions we’ll take. You’ll have a chance to see typefaces, orientation, penciled sketches and perhaps some color. Rough drafts are hardly ever rendered. Once you select from one of these 6 directions, we’ll move forward with production and rendered comps.

  Step 9: SGR First Comp

Almost there. We’ll take the selected rough draft and render out 3 versions. This is a time-consuming process and that’s why it comes near the end, long after we should have narrowed our design options. As you can imagine, a logo can go in a million directions. Rendering them all can be expensive, which is why corporate brands will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a redesign. Obviously, you don’t have any plans to spend anywhere close to that kind of money, so you’ll need to make some tough choices about the direction you’d like to go. We will not take that responsibility, as it often leads to incurring costs that one of us will have to swallow. We aim to please and we know you’re counting on us to be fiscally prudent, so we’re committed to a strict production process. One of these 3 selections will be taken to a final logo.

  Step 10: SGR Finished Comp

By now, you’ve had a huge hand in guiding the design process. There should be no surprises along the way and, while you can always second guess yourself, you should be right where you want to be. The final touches to your logo will be applied and some final fine tuning will dial it in.

  Step 11: SGR Final Logo

Your logo will be provided to you in CMYK, RGB versions. Typefaces will be rasterized (not editable). Files will be saved as .jpg (white or colored background) and .png (transparent background). File sizes will vary, but formatted to 6” height/width and 300 dpi. 72 dpi versions will also be created for you. A total of 6 files will be sent to you. The Photoshop original document is available for an additional $100 (font license not included).

  Step 12: SGR Standard Fees & Additional Add-Ons

Steps 8 - 10 Logo Design: $500

Same design, varied renderings: $50 - 200

Gray scale, Alternative Colors: $50

Vector based: $250

Spot color: $50 - 200

Various file types (.eps, .gif, .tiff, etc.): $50 each

Photoshop .psd File: $100



Business Cards & Stationery

Get it in print - hold it in your hand.

Now that you've got your brand designed, it's time to get out to the world.  For just a few dollars more, sgr marketing will design your business cards and other stationery, getting it print ready and arranging for print.  It takes less than a week and you'll be ready to knock on doors or mix it up at the next chamber of commerce event.  We'll review with you all the pricing for all facets of the project - design, quantity, print costs, etc.  You can do some of the legwork or none at all - it's up to you.  We'll save you money while also taking the guess work out of offset printing.  If you don't set up the files properly, your print job won't come out correctly.  There is minimal markup for the peace of mind knowing that your job is set up right and your brand brought to life in print.



Icons & Makeovers

The Dinosaurs Called - They Want Their Logo Back

Quit hanging your head when you give you business card out.  Yeah, your old brand makes
you look ancient and out of touch.  You have a brief moment to create an impression with your
business card.  "Wow - you guys look sharp!"  Wouldn't you like to hear that?  Of course, your brand is
rooted in history and a perhaps a whole new identity would be too big a bite to take.  So, what about
an extreme makeover?  We'll preserve just enough of the old look and feel, but push it along
into a new, modern and stylish era.  Kinda like putting some nice new rims on Dad's old Camaro!




Ownership Rights to Logo Artwork

It's your logo - you own it.  Once you've paid in full for the project, you will have all rights to the artwork
(with the exception of the font file, as a license cannot be assigned).  Once rasterized, the font file is not
needed.  It is needed only if you wish to edit the text.  In that case, you should be prepared to purchase the font
on your own.  sgr marketing is not obligated to provide you with the font file, Photoshop application or any other
tools to facilitate future edits.   All future edits by sgr marketing will billed as a separate project.  If you
wish to make edits on your own, you must purchase the .psd file as well as any associated fonts.  You
will need to own your own copy of Adobe Photoshop.  We make it easy, clean and simple.





Still Looking For More?

Whew!  You made it to the bottom of the page...which means that something we do makes perfect sense.  Listen,
we don't expect you to buy on your first site visit.  We just want to invite you into the conversation.  The first hour of
consultation is free and we have no expectations other than we'll enjoy learning about one another.

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