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"It's a very competitive market - a 'noisy' one where everyone's a
marketer.  For most, marketing efforts die off shortly after the "sting" of spending
time and money, and long before
ROI ever materializes.  That's exactly why "buzz"
is not the goal - building a
loyal customer base is. It will take real technical
and strategic skill to not only
own the market, but to survive it."

| Sean G. Reyes, president of sgr marketing



A Creative Agency & Strategic Consultant

Making Stuff Versus Knowing What Stuff to Make

Open up a window and shout out the name of your business.  Seems silly, except, that's pretty much how most companies approach marketing.   In 1975, the average consumer saw an average of 750 branded messages daily.  In 2014, that number is more than 5,000.  Unless you have an unlimited budget, you'll need a more strategic approach.  At sgr marketing, we'll start with the business model and the marketing strategy, and then address how to execute tactically through impactful creative, sound technical development and cost-effective production. Thank you for visiting our site and learning more about what we do.


The Heart of Execution: Marketing Strategy

Lead With Data Instead of Dollars


4 & 7 - without question, these numbers are the most important numbers in marketing.  If you don't want to scramble from one failed tactic to another, you'll have to stay focused on a marketing strategy that is framed by a sound business model.  After all, the market has a cruel, or flattering, way of telling you the truth - truths you need to hear in order to execute.  The team at sgr marketing is experienced with a wide range of industries and business models, enabling us to draft a customized marketing plan that frames your positioning.

4 Pillars of Marketing: There are 4 objectives that a marketing tactic should be addressing.  If you want to influence revenue, your marketing efforts need to address all 4.  Do you know what they are?

7 P's of Market Differentiation: What makes you unique and memorable?  Why are some customers loyal to you while others migrate to competitors?  How will you attract new customers?    Quit guessing - develop a plan.


Branding & Identity

We Build Brands.  Call Us if You Need an "S" on Your Chest


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Social Media & Social Targeting

I'm Betting You Need Revenue More Than "Likes"

I can already guess.  You read all the hype on social media, built a Facebook page, posted fresh content daily, attracted a dump truck full of "Likes" and then waited impatiently for new customers and revenue.  Driven to the limit of your patience, the pendulum has now swung to the other side - you've abandoned your social media pages and left them to shrivel up in the desert sun.  Social does work - but is not a one-size-fits-all tactic.  What platforms are best for you and how can you address all 4 Marketing Pillars through social media?  Did you realize that social media platforms are data farms for prospect targeting?  If you're fishing for new customers, then you'll want to fish where the fish are - on social media.  Pull up a chair, grab a pole and let's get social.



Print Collateral & Beyond

Remember When Marketing Was Real & Came In Boxes?

The science of tradeshows.  You go from booth to booth, talking to some while ignoring others, and collecting printed material that you'll likely never read.  What draws you to one and not the other?  Why read one brochure and discard another?  The subtle nuances of compelling design draw your interest, while the printed words hold your engagement.  If your character is who you are when no one's looking, then your marketing collateral is what your organization is when no one's around to tell the story.  Whether you're doing tradeshows, direct mail, coupon or newspaper advertising or outdoor signage and billboards, the sgr marketing team will keep eyes on your brand. 

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Web Development & Shoptimization

A Website With No Conversion Is Called Television


No, your website is not "must-see tv."  But, if you don't understand analytics, site conversion and shoptimization, then you might as well have invested in a passive medium like television.  Shoptima - what?  Shoptimization, an eCommerce term, is being able to track site engagement through analytics and build corresponding sales funnels to nurture prospects through to conversion.  That sounds awesome...what's conversion?  Conversion is more than just dollars.  About 99% of your site's traffic has no intention of buying in the first visit.  Well, that stinks!  The good news is that, if you have great site engagement, worthy content and follow UX/UI best practices, those site visitors come back again, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.  Getting there is a blend of both art and science, and sgr marketing can transform your site from a static one to one that's a lively lead-capturing machine.




Video, Audio & Presentations

Online Video Will be 55% of All Consumer Traffic by 2016

You need more proof?  52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions (Invodo data)?  So why aren't more marketers using video?  89% say that the costs are prohibitive.  That's all going to change when you become a client of ours.  The video on the right will cost you $4 million to produce.  That's not true...not true at all.  But doesn't it feel like that when you're exploring the idea of adding video to your content library?  Without question, video is hot - it really is the ambrosia of internet engagement.  At sgr marketing, we produce a full range of video solutions, depending on your budget.  The video to your right mimics a motion graphics video that could cost about $15,000 for a four-minute production.  The cost to the client was $4,400 and included the full list of ingredients - storyboard, script, voiceover, music, sound effects, graphics, editing, and rendering. At sgr marketing, we use a streamlined and disciplined approach to video production, driven by the approved production plan and budget parameters.  

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Traffic Management & Analytics

Everything You Need To Know Is Buried in the Data


Most marketing people are creative.  And, to creative people, data is like garlic to a vampire.  However, with a million
ways to market and a billion things to say, how do you know what's working and what's a waste of time?  Without the data,
you're just guessing.  You can make costly assumptions about your customers and prospects or you can follow the map
and uncover the treasures that await.  In finding us, we'll bet you're looking to get strategic in your approach to marketing.  Excellent. 
The challenge is to remain disciplined about using the data to drive tactical decisions.  The team at sgr marketing understands
the digital sales funnel and can identify trends that contribute to your success or drag you down.  Lead with strategy, follow
up with tactics, interpret the data, optimize the effort and go back to the market - that's our mantra. 


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Marketing for Sales Organizations

Arm Your Sales Team With the Tools to Win Deals

Hope is not a strategy either. And yet, when the sales forecast gets routed, it's filled with optimism and probably enough manure to plant a forest full of deals that will never yield fruit.  It's not that the sales team intends to mislead, but rather because most sales organizations have not blueprinted an accurate sales funnel model with definitive benchmarks.  As a result, there's no clarity about which opportunities are impending closes, which need attention to push further into the sales funnel, which need to be put into a nurturing system and which need to be incinerated.  Your sales team's greatest resource is time, so it's win or lose first.  Stop burning time and start closing opportunities.  sgr marketing works with your sales team to map out the sales process, provide resources that accelerate sales cycles, introduce a library of terms that leave no room for deal interpretation, and link marketing strategy to the realization of revenue.  We've trained more than 800 sales reps across the USA and we're ready to help your team.

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Still Looking For More?

Whew!  You made it to the bottom of the page...which means that something we do makes perfect sense.  Listen,
we don't expect you to buy on your first site visit.  We just want to invite you into the conversation.  The first hour of
consultation is free and we have no expectations other than we'll enjoy learning about one another.

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